The Fall Meeting of the Ohio Archaeological Council will be held at the Cedar Ridge Lodge at Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park on Friday, October 18th from 9:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.  The schedule for the meeting and the abstracts of the papers to be presented are below.  We hope you will be able to join us for this opportunity to learn about Ohio’s Call Before You Dig law, and new findings in Ohio Archaeology.


Time Presenter Topic
9:30 OAC Coffee and Donuts
10:00 OUPS Call Before You Dig Training
11:00 OAC OAC Business meeting
12:00 Lunch On your own (maps provided)
1:30 Various Paper Presentations
3:00   Adjourn




Seaman’s Fort Excavations

Glen Boatman

The Seaman’s Fort site is situated on a bluff top near the confluence of the west branch of the Huron River and Hunt Creek in Erie County, Ohio. The approximately 2 acre site is characterized by a descending “hog-back” narrow crest between the Hunt Creek and Huron River flood plains below on the southeast and a restricted ”bottleneck” access to the northwest. The Northeast and southwest limits of the site are characterized by 25 meter drop-offs to the river and creek bottoms below. The northwest access has three parallel earthworks that are 31-34 meters in length and one to two meters high extending nearly fully across the access but for a small opening along the northeast. The earthworks have ditches between them. Likewise there were three smaller earthworks to the southeast. The site is lightly forested and was never plowed. It was used as an orchard at one time and a grazing area at another time. Past investigations are summarized, and recent investigations reported.


Non-Profit Archaeology in Greater Akron

Eric Olson

The 501c3 non-profit Stewards of Historical Preservation (SHiP) has been operating in the Akron area for two years. Eric Olson, president of SHiP, will review the challenges and needs in the Akron community that have come to light in the short time the organization has existed. Challenges include fundraising, educational outreach, public engagement, and volunteer recruitment. The challenges SHiP has faced are not unique, but nonetheless are a learning experience.


Evidence of Hopewell Feasting in a Non-Mound Context

Sean Coughlin and Tim Everhart

Excavations at the North 40 Site (33Ro338) have uncovered evidence of a large structure associated with evidence of craft production on the outskirts of Mound City. Three pit features outside the structure were excavated and the debris, raw materials, and tools of crafting were documented within. One feature, Pit 3, also contained potential evidence of a feasting event based on the ceramic and paleoethnobotanical assemblage. This presentation presents the results of the analysis of the faunal remains of the feature and how they further support the evidence of a feast in a non-mound context.

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