We recently learned that Fortified Hill, a Hopewell hilltop enclosure near Hamilton, Ohio, is going up for public auction on September 28! Much like our successful effort to save the Junction Earthworks in Ross County a few years ago, you can help save it by pledging a donation today to the Archaeological Conservancy’s effort to preserve it. Located between Dayton and Cincinnati, this area is booming in industrial and housing development. With its sweeping views of the Great Miami River Valley, Fortified Hill could be lost to development unless we and others working to save it can raise a few hundred thousand dollars to help acquire it. The earthwork’s mounds and most of the embankments remain visible above the surface, including its rather enigmatic south and east gateways. A growing coalition of organizations and private individuals is working feverishly to save the site. Follow this link to the Archaeological Conservancy’s website and make your pledge now…and perhaps on your next visit to the area you can stop off at the Fortified Hill site, walk its paths, and see for yourself what your contribution helped save! 



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