Journal of Ohio Archaeology


Guidelines for Reviewers


The reviewer is asked to carefully read and evaluate the submitted article for publication in the Journal of Ohio Archaeology.  In the course of the review, please consider the following.


1. Is the submission well-written, logical, and complete?

2. Does this paper make a significant contribution to our understanding of the archaeology and/or prehistory or history of the Ohio region?

3. Are the problem orientation or research questions guiding this study clearly stated?

4. Are the methods of analysis adequate to address the research objectives?

5. Are the results of the study clearly presented, and do they support the conclusions?

6. Are the tables and figures accompanying this submission adequate, accurate, and complete?

7. Are the references cited adequate or should other sources have been identified?

8. Should this submission be:

a) accepted as is,

b) accepted with revisions, or

c) rejected? 

Please justify your decision.


You may edit the manuscript directly by using the “Track Changes” function of Word 1997-2003 or Word 2007.   Brief comments may also be inserted in the manuscript; however, we ask that more lengthy comments and suggestions for revision by typed in a separate Word document.   The anonymity of the reviewer will be preserved in all cases. 


Please e-mail the marked-up manuscript and comments as attachments to the Managing Editor (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) within four weeks of receipt.  Please notify the Managing Editor of any unforeseen difficulties or delays in the review process.


The Editorial Board of JOA is grateful for your willingness to participate in this review process!