Eric C. Olson


    The Ohio Archaeological Inventory (OAI), managed by the Ohio Historic Preservation Office (OHPO), contains data on tens of thousands of archaeological sites across the state. As part of my AmeriCorps service, through the Ohio History Service Corps, I have identified and added 43 archaeological sites in Summit County previously not recorded in the OAI, and have added 10 new archaeological reports to the National Archaeological Database (NADB), filed at OHPO. These 43 sites were identified in various academic publications or non-traditional reporting sources, including previous work and documentation at the University of Akron, archived newspapers, informal reports, local collector contacts, Summit county histories, and in journal articles. There are likely similar situations throughout Ohio both within universities and in local historical societies containing a wealth of data not known to researchers outside these institutions. This paper outlines the methodologies used in identifying prehistoric archaeological sites recorded only within non-traditional sources. 


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