Public Archaeology at the Silver Lake Sites

Eric Olson

        Stewards of Historical Preservation, in collaboration with the Department of Anthropology, University of Akron, the Village of Silver Lake, and the Silver Lake Historical Society conducted a public archaeology program in Silver Lake Park, Stow Township, Summit County, Ohio. Test units were opened at Silver Lake Site I (33SU639) and Silver Lake Site II (33SU678) to identify the integrity and extent of the site outside of the trail which had initially exposed them. Both sites were first discovered in the spring of 2017 from runoff exposure on the existing Silver Lake Park trail that runs parallel to the Cuyahoga River. Volunteers assisted with the digging and sifting. The volunteers included students from the University of Akron, the Lippman School, and a few residents of the Village of Silver Lake. Silver Lake I yielded Middle and Late Archaic projectile points, a nutting stone, Late Woodland pottery, and numerous flake debris and fire-cracked rock.  Based on the results of the excavation, and the positive engagement with the public, future public archaeology programs are being planned for Silver Lake Site I. The test units at the Silver Lake site II did not yield diagnostic artifacts. These excavations were funded, in part, by a Patricia Essenpries Grant from the Ohio Archaeological Council.

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