Taber Well 33Ho611 is situated above a marsh environment of diverse wildlife and the floodplain of Monday Creek, a tributary of the Hocking River.  The chronology infers a presence of prehistoric hunter-gatherers from Early Archaic inhabitation continued sporadically through the Middle Woodland. This period of prehistory has proven to be a time of early human technological invention and transitional subsistence from hunter/gatherer societies to early horticultural societies.   The location of Taber Well is approximately 1.4 kilometers northeast from a natural Upper Mercer outcrop, exposed by an adjacent stream, Kitchen Run.  The laboratory analysis identifies a total reduction sequence for Upper Mercer, Brush Creek and Flint Ridge.  The abundant debitage present, chronology of point types, numerous post molds, and hearth features, deduce this site was revisited for napping large cores of chert into smaller workable performs or complete tools. 

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