Much of the 2012 field season was devoted to continuing work on the brigantine Sultan discovered last year in Lake Erie off Cleveland, Ohio.  In support of the decision by the Maritime Archaeological Survey Team (MAST) to officially moor this wreck and open it to the general diving public, the Cleveland Underwater Explorers (CLUE) assisted MAST with fund raising through presentations at local dive shops and scuba shows.  MAST is a group of avocational divers involved in the archaeological survey and mooring of shipwrecks in Ohio waters.  Sufficient funds were raised to both properly moor the shipwreck and perform a detailed archaeological survey, which was performed over the summer of 2012 under the direction of CLUE’s Director and Chief Archaeologist David VanZandt (Figure 1).  The survey results are now in the process of being documented and will be published at a later date. David also assisted MAST with follow-up dives on another previous CLUE-discovered wreck known as the “East Breakwall Barge,” which MAST began surveying during the summer of 2011. Read entire article (PDF)